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Preventive medical check-up

Your personal health check-up provides you with important information about your state of health. You will learn about personal risks you can influence yourself. The development of chronic illnesses can be prevented. Early detection of illnesses can improve the chances of recovery.


The health check is a free service provided by the Austrian social insurance institutions.

How does the health check work?

The preventive focus of the health check is on cardiovascular, metabolic and cancer diseases.
The basic program consists of:

  • Detailed medical interview
  • Physical examination
  • Laboruntersuchungen

we also offer:

  • Vascular check (ABI)
  • ECG

Further examinations depending on age/wish:

  • Cancer smear test (for women aged 18 and over, by a gynecologist)
  • early detection of colon cancer (for women and men aged 50 and over, by a specialist in surgery or internal medicine)

Besondere Hinweise

You will need a recent blood sample for the check-up. If you do not already have a current laboratory (not older than 2 months) for other reasons, you are welcome to have the blood sample taken by us – the discussion and the check-up will then take place a few days later. Alternatively, we will be happy to provide you with a laboratory referral that you can take to a laboratory of your choice.

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