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U=U (TasP)

Therapy as prevention

SFor some time now, studies have shown that optimal HIV therapy under the following 3 conditions reduces the risk of transmission to practically zero:

  • Stable HIV therapy (below the detection limit for at least 6 months)
  • Regular laboratory checks
  • No additional sexually transmitted diseases

U=U stands for "undetectable = untransmittable" and means that the number of HI viruses in the blood of the positive partner is so low that they cannot be detected using today’s PCR methods. Hence the term TasP (Therapy as Prevention).

The Federal Commission for AIDS Issues/EKAF of the Swiss Federal Department of Health published this finding back in 2008.

This is also supported by the PARTNER study published in 2016, in which 888 serodifferent couples (one partner HIV-positive, the other HIV-negative) were examined and in which there was no infection between the partners.
Although 11 of the originally HIV-negative people became infected during this study, further genetic testing showed that no one had been infected by their partner.